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Bryant Budget Shopper: Ransom Box For Parents December 20, 2011

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How many of you struggle with getting your kids to clean up after themselves? I know I do! I went and visited with my sister-in-law a couple of weeks ago and was truly amazed at how well her kids cleaned up after themselves. After coming home, I was embarrassed at the fact that my kids don’t clean up after themselves. I know kids aren’t perfect, but they walk in and throw their stuff in the floor ad they walk in. It gets so frustrating constantly reminding all 4 of them to pick up their stuff. Even more frustrating is the fact that have to say it 6 or 7 times to get it done.

Well all I can say is Thank You to Madsens Memories for this great idea! I am going to start a ransom box 🙂 the kids will get 1 warning to pick their belongings up, then they go in the ransom box. In order to get their stuff back, they have to draw an envelope and do whatever is inside. Some examples given were :

Take out the trash
Rub dads feet for 10 minutes.
Give mom/dad a hug and say “I’m sorry for leaving my stuff, I’ll try not to do it again”
Pull weeds
Clean out the car
Freebie—This is your WARNING

I do believe this is something new I will try at my house. I’ll update you to let you know how it goes :). Please feel free to comment on any of your parenting tips! I love trying to find things that work for our rowdy group.