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Bryant Budget Shopper: How to Keep your New Year’s Resolution! January 1, 2012

Every year we sit around and make these crazy things called resolutions.  On New Year’s Eve, we have the best intentions.  For the first couple of weeks, or months for the really motivated, we try hard to stay on track.  Then, like with many other things, life gets in the way.

How can we help overcome this vicious cycle?  Try to share your resolution with someone you love, trust, and can count on.  It could be your spouse, your bff, or your parent/sibling/other relative.  Have them help you decide if it’s a reasonable resolution.  For instance, wanting to be a millionaire…great dream, but not a reasonable goal to accomplish in the year. 

Once you and your trusted person (called “accountability partner” from now on) have decided that your resolution is doable, make a plan.  Agree on how often you and your accountability partner will talk about it.  Will they check with you weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?  If your goal is to diet or cook at home more, maybe that person can help you plan out recipes.  If it’s to lose weight or exercise, maybe they can join you a couple of times a week in something as simple as an evening walk. 

New Year’s Resolutions are a great thing! Just make sure they reasonable and you have a reliable person there to help you out.


Bryant Budget Shopper: Happy New Year

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I hope that everyone ends 2011 on a wonderful note! Have a great night and keep safe! I look forward to seeing you all in 2012!

The new year brings lots of new things for my page like giveaways, more coupon deals, parenting tips, and things about life in general 🙂 I would love to hear from you to see what you want to read about.

Also, check out my Facebook page for games to win coupons and prizes from other great bloggers. This past year we have had lots of great sponsors! Can’t wait to see what the new year brings!!

Happy New Year and Happy Shopping from Bryant Budget Shopper!


Bryant Budget Shopper: Changes in my site December 30, 2011

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Hey everyone! I’m in the process of making some new exciting changes to my page! So if things seem a little crazy over the next couple if weeks, please be patient with me. My current webpage limits what I can and any share with you…so I’m trying to change sites and still give you great information! This is a learning process for me though. Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Bryant Budget Shopper: What Christmas is a must have for your family? December 24, 2011

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There is one movie that I have to see every year or Christmas doesn’t seem like Christmas. My favorite movie is A Christmas Story. I love the leg lamp (I think I need one at my house) and the fact that he had to have a Red Ryder B.B. Gun! After my kids watched that movie, they had to have a Red Ryder BB Gun…which if course all 4 got from Santa last year!

Anyway, I have always enjoyed that movie. What is your Christmas movie must have??


Bryant Budget Shopper: Dressing Room Dilemma and Body Drama

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So I titled this Dressing Room Dilemma and Body Drama for a reason. I went to Old Navy the other day to get some new clothes (because I’ve “outgrown” all of mine). I absolutely hate trying on clothes, but I know it’s a must, because I hate returning clothes more.

There I am with my arms full of clothes and I go into this teeny tiny dressing room (strike 1). Then, as I proceed to undress I have to look at myself in the full length mirror (strike 2) because there’s no room to go anywhere else. Then, the bright overhead lights show every imperfection on my body (strike 3). ~ Just curious…why can’t someone make a “flawed friendly dressing room”? Just saying, it might help out revenue to you bug stores~

Anyway, needless to say, nothing fit me. It was too tight or too big or showed too many imperfections. So there I was feeling really defeated and really sorry for myself…it was quite a site.

I know it’s not the dressing rooms fault, or Old Navy, or the clothing itself…it’s mine. I was a size 4 when I married my hubby almost 3 years ago. Since then I have gained a substantial amount of weight (50lbs)…I know women don’t talk about their weight or their age, but I’ve never been one to follow rules…so I’ll put it out here. I’m 29 and now weigh 175. Now I know you could talk bad about if you’re on either side of my number, but what good would it do? I’m putting it out here for accountability and hopefully to help motivate others.

I hate exercising, drinking water, and healthy food. But, I love myself, my hubby, and my kids. So with all that being said, you will get to hear my updates (both triumphs and failures). I will happily share advice and would love to hear advice. To get me started, I’ve downloaded an app from iTunes called MyFitnessPal to help me track what I eat and drink. The fun thing about this app is you can link to friends to help keep each other accountable and celebrate each others triumphs. We’ll see how this goes…I’m taking it 5lbs at a time til I reach my overall goal. I like big projects in pieces 🙂

Feel free to post any healthy recipes, weight loss tips, or motivational comments. Thanks a bunch!!


Bryant Budget Shopper: Christmas Gift Giving Ideas December 22, 2011

I love getting and getting gift baskets.  It’s so much fun putting them together.  Finding all the perfect little somethings to add to it.  I have several gift baskets I have put together for Christmas, each one of them catered to the individual it’s for.  I can’t tell what’s in those because the people will know.  But we did small gift baskets for my daughter’s teachers this year.  She decided they were stressed out since all the kids had been wild lately, so she made them stress reducing baskets.  In each one of them she included Calgon Bath Salts, Pedicure Kits, Nail Polish in their favorite color, Stress Reducing face masks (mud masks and cucumber peel masks), and polish remover so they don’t have to stress if they chip the polish.  When they get done pampering themselves, they can sit down with puzzle books she got them.  She also included large packs of multi colored pens (They will have back ups if they lose one). 

Gift baskets are always a great idea.  If they are home made baskets, they show the person that you put a lot of thought into what they would like.  Baskets are easy to decorate with flowers from Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or any other craft store.  Also, you can add ribbon or glue fun themed buttons onto them.  Make it fun and personalized to show that special person just how special they are!

I would love to hear what items you like to give and get in baskets.  Please leave a comment letting me know what you think!  Thanks a bunch!


Bryant Budget Shopper: Ransom Box For Parents December 20, 2011

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How many of you struggle with getting your kids to clean up after themselves? I know I do! I went and visited with my sister-in-law a couple of weeks ago and was truly amazed at how well her kids cleaned up after themselves. After coming home, I was embarrassed at the fact that my kids don’t clean up after themselves. I know kids aren’t perfect, but they walk in and throw their stuff in the floor ad they walk in. It gets so frustrating constantly reminding all 4 of them to pick up their stuff. Even more frustrating is the fact that have to say it 6 or 7 times to get it done.

Well all I can say is Thank You to Madsens Memories for this great idea! I am going to start a ransom box 🙂 the kids will get 1 warning to pick their belongings up, then they go in the ransom box. In order to get their stuff back, they have to draw an envelope and do whatever is inside. Some examples given were :

Take out the trash
Rub dads feet for 10 minutes.
Give mom/dad a hug and say “I’m sorry for leaving my stuff, I’ll try not to do it again”
Pull weeds
Clean out the car
Freebie—This is your WARNING

I do believe this is something new I will try at my house. I’ll update you to let you know how it goes :). Please feel free to comment on any of your parenting tips! I love trying to find things that work for our rowdy group.


Bryant Budget Shopper: Do you THINK before you speak? December 19, 2011

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I came across this on Pinterest the other day, and it was the best thing I have read in a long time.  If we all THINK before we speak, this could be a much better world. Thank you so much to Cookingwiths for sharing this!


Bryant Budget Shopper: Concealed Handgun Carry Permit December 18, 2011

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Living Social is offering a deal in the Dallas/Plano area for a $350- 33 state, concealed handgun carry permit class for only $129!!! If you are interested check it out here.

While we are on the subject, just curious of your thoughts on this. Do you have your concealed carry permit? Would you ever consider getting it? If not, why?


Bryant Budget Shopper: Is it just me? November 28, 2011

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So, here’s my confession….I really want to be one of “those” moms.  I see moms dropping their kids off at school that look like they have been up for hours doing hair and make up and picking out the perfect outfit.

I wear a pony tail in my hair almost everyday…I have to do this because the time required to actually fix my hair is impossible to find.  I’m lucky if my hair is even fully dry when I leave for work.  I spend 5 minutes on my make up max.  This is usually done in the rearview mirror, at the stoplight, while driving my kids to school.  I want to know how to cook…not just a frozen dinner.  I’m trying, but really…who has the time?!  I find it so frustrating! I want to have beautifully decorated house…not decorated in whatever toys the kids “forgot” to put away.  I want to take a bath or a shower, with out my kids busting in to tell me who did what to who.  Is it just me???

I look at some of these moms (and no offense if you are one of “those” moms), but how the heck do they find the time?  I’m lucky if my shoes match my outfit.  Forget the Prada purse, I’m doing good grabbing whatever bag the kids “forgot” to put away.  So, now you know: I go to work in a pony tail (with partially wet hair), little to no make up, shoes that don’t match, and a Phinneas and Ferb lunchbox for a purse.

I want to look pulled together and my house to look pulled together and my dinner table to look pulled together…any advise for those of us challenged in this area?  I can coupon all day long.  I can shop for 6 on a $40 budget and feed us all week.  But I do not know how to find time.  The more I try to find the time, the more I feel like I’m either taking away time from the kids…or I’m doing what I do best and refereeing the kids.  So, I know I’m supposed to be the one “giving” advise…but I could use some right about now  🙂