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Bryant Budget Shopper: Local Food Deals! Catfish City $20 Voucher for $10! January 2, 2012

Kids can really drain your bank account…especially after Christmas.  Why not get a sitter, grab the spouse, and get away for a bit, without breaking your bank?  Catfish City is offering a great deal through Groupon!  Right now, you can get $20 worth of food for only $10.  Just click HERE for this and other great deals!

If you’ve never been there and aren’t sure if they would have what you like, check out these menu options! To start with, you could get hot wings, boiled shrimp, or grilled shrimp.  They also have wonderful salads that come in bar-b-que, grilled shrimp, chicken, or just a tossed salad.  For the main course, you can of course get fish.  They have grilled fish dinner, peel and eat’em shrimp dinners, grilled shrimp dinners, BBQ and Shrimp dinners, Frog leg dinners.  For the landlovers only, they have chicken and barbeque dinners.

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