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Bryant Budget Shopper: How to Keep your New Year’s Resolution! January 1, 2012

Every year we sit around and make these crazy things called resolutions.  On New Year’s Eve, we have the best intentions.  For the first couple of weeks, or months for the really motivated, we try hard to stay on track.  Then, like with many other things, life gets in the way.

How can we help overcome this vicious cycle?  Try to share your resolution with someone you love, trust, and can count on.  It could be your spouse, your bff, or your parent/sibling/other relative.  Have them help you decide if it’s a reasonable resolution.  For instance, wanting to be a millionaire…great dream, but not a reasonable goal to accomplish in the year. 

Once you and your trusted person (called “accountability partner” from now on) have decided that your resolution is doable, make a plan.  Agree on how often you and your accountability partner will talk about it.  Will they check with you weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?  If your goal is to diet or cook at home more, maybe that person can help you plan out recipes.  If it’s to lose weight or exercise, maybe they can join you a couple of times a week in something as simple as an evening walk. 

New Year’s Resolutions are a great thing! Just make sure they reasonable and you have a reliable person there to help you out.


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