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Bryant Budget Shopper: Sesame Street Book and CD Set for $9!! December 7, 2011

You all know how much I love No More Rack!  They have new deals that post every day at 12:00 est!  Todays newest deals from No More Rack:

  • $355 Chloe sunglasses for $95
  • $130 Double-Breasted Woolen Coat for $38
  • $75 Handbags for $18
  • $99 Mother of Pearl Sterling Silver Pendant for $15
  • $128 Skytex Primer Pocket Media Tablet for $68
  • $15 Star Charm Bracelet and Earring Set for $5
  • $29.99 Sesame Sreet Book and CD set for $9
  • $9.99 Teardrop earrings FREE

So to check out this deal and other great deals, go to No More Rack today!!


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