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Bryant Budget Shopper: Huge Discounts on Gifts From Living Social December 4, 2011

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Holiday shopping always brings joy to my heart…until it comes time to go to the mall.  You have to drive in circles to find a parking spot, try to get the stores without being pushed around too much, and finally stand in a long line to wait to check out.  Let’s don’t even bring kids into the equation!  That’s why I am a fan for online shopping!  Living Social is one of the many places I like to shop, because they offer such great deals.   Deals on Living Social can be found nationally or locally depending on where you live.

  • Get $30 worth of merchandise from for only $15.  You can get personalized ornaments, Christmas Doormats, Stockings, lots of Christmas Decorations, pocket knives, watch box, keepsake boxes, beer mugs, money clips, personalized golf balls, many other gifts for him, initial boxes, margarita glasses, bracelets, coasters, pendants, recipe cards, home decorations, and many other gifts.  This deal of $30 for $15 is good for another 7 days…so click here to check it out!
  • Get a custom-embroidered stocking for only $6 from VistaPrint.  Click here to get this great deal through Living Social .
  • What about sending cookies to that special person that won’t be home for the holidays?  Living Social is offering a deal from  Get $20 worth of products for just $10!  Click here to get this offer.
  • Never forget your beer loving friends!  Check out this subscription to The Beer Connoisseur Magazine for only $19.  This 2-year subscription normally runs $38.  Click here to check out this deal.
  • Not everyone likes beer…so the ladies on the list that like to gossip…check out the Us Weekly subscription. You can get this $67 subscription for only $40 by clicking here.

Living Social offers many more deals depending on the city you live.  Deals are updated daily.  Be sure to go by the Living Social webpage to sign up for the email reminders.  Each time a new deal is posted in city, Living Social will notify you.


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