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Bryant Budget Shopper: Is it just me? November 28, 2011

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So, here’s my confession….I really want to be one of “those” moms.  I see moms dropping their kids off at school that look like they have been up for hours doing hair and make up and picking out the perfect outfit.

I wear a pony tail in my hair almost everyday…I have to do this because the time required to actually fix my hair is impossible to find.  I’m lucky if my hair is even fully dry when I leave for work.  I spend 5 minutes on my make up max.  This is usually done in the rearview mirror, at the stoplight, while driving my kids to school.  I want to know how to cook…not just a frozen dinner.  I’m trying, but really…who has the time?!  I find it so frustrating! I want to have beautifully decorated house…not decorated in whatever toys the kids “forgot” to put away.  I want to take a bath or a shower, with out my kids busting in to tell me who did what to who.  Is it just me???

I look at some of these moms (and no offense if you are one of “those” moms), but how the heck do they find the time?  I’m lucky if my shoes match my outfit.  Forget the Prada purse, I’m doing good grabbing whatever bag the kids “forgot” to put away.  So, now you know: I go to work in a pony tail (with partially wet hair), little to no make up, shoes that don’t match, and a Phinneas and Ferb lunchbox for a purse.

I want to look pulled together and my house to look pulled together and my dinner table to look pulled together…any advise for those of us challenged in this area?  I can coupon all day long.  I can shop for 6 on a $40 budget and feed us all week.  But I do not know how to find time.  The more I try to find the time, the more I feel like I’m either taking away time from the kids…or I’m doing what I do best and refereeing the kids.  So, I know I’m supposed to be the one “giving” advise…but I could use some right about now  🙂


3 Responses to “Bryant Budget Shopper: Is it just me?”

  1. i totally loved this blog entry Alicia… if i figure it out i will the first to let you know 🙂
    but you can help me Alicia, please give me tips and recipes for feeding 6 on $40/week please, much needed info in this house!

    Faithful Follower,

  2. lisa Says:

    Sorry girls, there is no time for yourself until the kiddos grow up. I only had 2 kids but never went to the bathroom without one of them standing outside the door NEEDING something. They do grow up and move on…that’s when you get YOUR time. hahaha However, in the meantime it helps to be super organized. Take a few hours on the weekend to plan your meals for the week and prepare as much as possible ahead of time. It is a little tiring but absolutely pays off in the long run. I remember staying up at night after getting the kids to bed so I could clean the house. I also wore my hair in a ponytail and lived in jeans and tshirts…I only wore tennis shoes and no or very little makeup. And one day, you too will look back on these days with fondness… 😉

  3. Kim La Tour Says:

    Lisa pretty much hits on the head..those times will pass quick & you’ll wonder where it went and miss it. I only have 1 son (& 1 step) but my hubby is absolutely like a kid..sometimes more so than the 12 year old. I get so frustrated but realize there are many lonely people who would give anything for one of those keeps me sane and laugh most off 😉
    And Alicia, don’t forget about the military training..?? LOL

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